Visionary Smartphone Company Utopya Innovations Inc. Announces Plans to Take the World by Storm

Visionary Smartphone Company Utopya Innovations Inc. Announces Plans to Take the World by Storm

TORONTO, (Uptick Newswire – December 14, 2017) — Utopya Innovations Inc., a Toronto-based technology company focused on the development, distribution, and marketing of personal technology devices is announcing bold plans to bring its products to market in 2018. The company stepped into the spotlight recently when it was involved in a reverse acquisition of publicly-traded company Andiamo Corporation (OTCPK: ANDI). Now, Utopya is revealing ambitious plans to take the world by storm, and people are listening.

Mike Starkweather, President of Andiamo Corporation, explained: “An early predictor of success when it comes to launching a new product is whether or not that product fulfills a need or solves a problem for customers. In emerging markets like the CaribbeanSouth AmericaAfrica, and India, where smartphone ownership rates are still low but growing rapidly, consumers want access to high quality smartphones without having to pay exorbitant pricing. Their selection is very limited, and that’s where Utopya comes in.”

The company is planning to launch a lineup of 3 Utopya-branded smartphone devices in 2018 to fill this gap. Working closely with industry-leading smartphone manufacturers, the company is prepared to scale operations rapidly in order to meet anticipated demand.

The team has been working diligently on securing contracts from telecom companies and distributors in a number of markets worldwide, and will make announcements as these deals are made official.

“But the hardware is only half the story,” says Starkweather. “The real differentiator will be in the proprietary software ecosystem that we are developing for the devices. With two highly experienced teams of software developers in both Canada and India, we are creating an experience for users that will be nothing short of spectacular.”

For starters, each Utopya phone will come equipped with a unique and proprietary Utopya Operating System (OS) based on Android 7.0. The phones will also come with several exclusive apps that will only be available on Utopya devices. Customers will be incentivized to invite their friends to Utopya, so that they too can use the apps and become part of the Utopya experience. Users will still have access to the full spectrum of downloadable Android apps, like they would on other devices, ensuring that they get a best-of-both-worlds experience.

In light of growing concerns about data security, the Utopya software ecosystem is being designed for exceptional user privacy. The phones will boast an encryption-based email platform and a revolutionary type of messenger app, designed to ensure state-of-the-art data security for all Utopyans. Even more exciting, Utopya users will have access to a unique and highly-secure cloud storage service, which means they can rest assured that their photos, videos, and other private information will be kept safe from potential intruders.

The company plans to announce additional apps, features, and partnerships in the coming months.

For now, it’s safe to say that Utopya has big plans for a better future.

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