UPTICK Presents: Yappn Corp. (YPPN)

UPTICK Presents: Yappn Corp. (YPPN)


Yappn Corp. (OTC: YPPN) (yappn.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intertainment Media, Inc. (OTC: ITIMF) is strategically positioned to take the social media and international ecommerce world by storm. Providing a platform conducive to international communication, it holds the key to a niche in the industry not yet cornered by standard, more popular social media/ecommerce sites. Their efforts in moving toward providing a cohesive multi-language interface for ease of communication between different nationalities can be seen in their recent agreement with Verbalizeit.

New York based Verbalizeit (www.verbalizeit.com) offers an infrastructure designed to maximize the efficiency of language translation across many digital platforms. They plan to work closely with Yappn, trading resources for mutual benefit and advancing Yappn’s already prolific leadership status in international communication optimization. This being a natural choice for both companies, the agreement will allow each company the opportunity to leverage their products and services to a greater level of efficiency. Ryan Frankel, CEO of Verbalizeit said, “Our partnership with Yappn will allow us to broaden our reach and deepen the degree to which our platform and community of translators power business internationalization for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises alike. Moreover, we’re excited to work with an adept and proven team of leaders to create the best outcome for our customers and make translation more accessible to everyone”.

They definitely are on the right track for mutual success. Their marketing is even very tactful. Recently signing Fanorakel, a leading German Football Network, and Brandon Prust, a professional Hockey Player, as influencers, their exposure is sure soon to skyrocket. They will need it as they are already well underway, after signing a 3 year agreement with TranzActive, in developing hundreds of websites to drive ecommerce and residual income from returning clients on a number of different levels, both business to business and business to consumer.

Though this company is diversifying their focuses quite a bit, there is a solid and consistent trending in their stock charts worth keeping an eye on. That with the investor confidence needed to maintain the trading volume they have been makes this company safe and easy to get in and get out of or wait out the ride to the top.

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