UPTICK Presents: Stream Track, Inc.

UPTICK Presents: Stream Track, Inc.


Stream Track, Inc. (STTK) is a technology services company that operates in the digital media space. Stream Track’s flagship product “RadioLoyalty™” offers listeners over five thousand stations which can be accessed at radioloyalty.com. Listeners are given a list of genres to choose from, including: Classical, Top 40, Rock, and Talk/Sports/News. For an updated overview of the company’s Content click here (http://radioloyalty.com/station-guide/result.php). “RadioLoyalty™” has created an engaged audience by rewarding users for their interactions. Users of “RadioLoyalty™”earn points by searching, rating, and listening to songs. These listeners in turn redeem points for products from the “RadioLoyalty™” store. The platform has created a paradigm in music entertainment/media by incentivizing users for their interactions with Stream Track software/online medias.

Additionally, Stream Track  is beneficial for advertisers; offering the largest radio audience in the world. Companies are able to engage listeners by utilizing the platform’s targeted demographic segments, while  integrating a uniform ad unit template throughout the entire technology. To clarify, advertisements on “RadioLoyalty™” have the same overall visual look and format on ALL stations listeners engage.

On November 24, 2014 Stream Track, Inc. announced the release of the “RadioLoyalty™” app for android. The app release offers an integrated user experience that is redesigned for optimized search results and better navigation.  Also   the new release provides better audio quality and optimized flexibility for file formats. For advertisers an extended ad serving platform supports better graphics and uses rich media like video. On November 25, 2014 STTK closed at 0.0013 (+85.71%) with a massive influx in volume. UPTICK is following STTK and believes the company can reach 0.01 by the end of 2014.

For More: http://www.streamtrack.com/http://radioloyalty.com/.

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