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Incorporated in 2008, Scripts America (SCRC) is a supplier of prescription, over-the-counter, and nutraceutical drugs while delivering pharmaceutical products to a wide range of end users across the health care industry. Within the last year, it has experienced growth by reconstructing and expanding its role in the global pharmaceutical market by offering new products and services.

Initially, between March 2013 and earlier this year, ScripsAmerica focused mainly on pharmaceutical distribution via major distributors throughout North America while providing distribution services to various facilities including retail, hospital,  and long term care facilities. This year, the company, however, has also concentrated on a few key strategies which have resulted in positive results. These include but are not limited to the following examples. A recent collaboration with partners such as Jungle Jim whose market will not only provide additional revenue, but access to process prescriptions in additional states. Next, hoping to expand its “specialty pharmacy” operations, ScripsAmerica announced in September that it signed on as a sourcing agreement with United Apothecary, which in turn will fill prescriptions obtained by ScripsAmerica.

Perhaps, its most ambitious and potentially rewarding venture is ScripsAmerica’s expansion into China with their drug RapiMed, an OTC oral pharmaceutical that dissolves in 30 seconds or less and can be taken without water.  Holding the exclusive rights to RapiMed, ScripsAmerica plans to launch distribution in China with its first stop in the Hong Kong Market. The potential is tremendous as China’s demand for safe, Made in America pharmaceuticals has increased exponentially. The contents of RapiMed are aspirin free, sugar free and gluten free and come in child attractive flavors of grape and cherry. The current market is for 2-11 year old children.

Hoping to continue its expansion into other countries while developing other products has proven to be a positive move for the company. In the second quarter of 2014,

ScripsAmerica reported $3,700, 721 in total net revenue in comparison to $91,628 during the same period in 2013.  ScripsAmerica, Inc. recently stated that the company’s specialty pharmacy reported $5,619,052 in approved orders during October 2014, representing a growth of 3% over the previous month.

For more information, go to www.scripsamerica.com

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