Uptick Newswire “Stock Day” Interviews BLDV CEO on the Medical Cannabis Industry

Uptick Newswire “Stock Day” Interviews BLDV CEO on the Medical Cannabis Industry

Phoenix, AZ.,  (Uptick Newswire – December 4, 2017) – Uptick Newswire is the sole producer of the Uptick Network “Stock Day” Podcast keeping investors and shareholders up to date on company news and bringing transparency to the micro-cap sector of the market. The host of Stock Day, CEO and founder Everett Jolly, recently interviewed a returning guest from Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. on the substantial growth in the Medical Cannabis Industry.

BLDV was a nominee for “Most influential Cannabis Company” at the first annual Uppie Awards that was produced by Uptick Newswire in Las Vegas, November 3rd this year. Stock Day now welcomes back Joshua Alper CEO and Chairman of Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (OTC: BLDV, the “Company”) who updated listeners on the progression of the Company in the medical cannabis industry. Kicking off the interview, Mr. Alper discusses Blue Diamond within the medical cannabis market and how the margins in this sector of the market will produce the best outcome for the Company. He discusses the connection of the medical cannabis sector with the Cannabis Market in Israel, and the how rapid growth there with over 600 medical cannabis startup companies will lead to Israel becoming one of the leading cannabinoid exporters in the world.

Continuing the interview, Mr. Jolly pops the question on how the recent licensing secured by Quality Green has been unfolding and Mr. Alper gives details on the new extensive facility and how the expansion of this facility came into play so quickly giving a tremendously optimistic outcome for both companies in the long run. Furthermore, the discussion between the two changes gears while Mr. Alper elaborates on how revenue potentials within medical cannabis market will be impacted by the prospect of new Adult Use laws in Canada.

In closing CEO Joshua Alper states, “I think as we expand our presence in Canada, with clients like Quality Green Inc, and we double down on our success there, I think you will start to see the stock respond. We are not yet promoting any of the Israeli technologies or relationships, because we would rather wait until there are definitive definable revenues streams there before using that in any way to promote the Company” Alper continued “So I think overall the emphasis in 2018, and the place where the revenue is going to come from in all aspects of our business, is Canada”

To listen to the full interview please click here or the following link: https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-ceo-joshua-alper-of-blue-diamond-ventures-inc-otcpink-bldv-3/

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About BLDV:

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is a diversified customer centric Management / Holding Company; Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks opportunities in various markets and is driven by critical thinking, the scientific method and compassionate ways to deliver sustainable results.

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