UPTICK Newswire Issues its First Strong Buy Recommendation and Target Price: Lingo Media to Hit $1.00 by January 2016

UPTICK Newswire has issued its first buy recommendation for Lingo Media Corporation, (OTC: LMDCF) an EdTech company, specializing in English Language learning products. LMDCF continues to show strong revenue growth, such as the second quarter 2015 coming in at just under $1.8 million, a tremendous gain over the previous year. Additionally, Uptick’s recommendation and target price of $1.00 by June 2016 is based in part on LMDCF’s marketing strategies and success in Central and South America.

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An Unforgettable™ announcement – GPS SmartSole now available in the U.K.

This week saw the arrival of the GPS SmartSole by US wearable technology company GTX Corp. (OTCBB:GTXO) available for sale via Unforgettable.org.It’s an innovative insole which can be used to unobtrusively monitor your loved one and allow you to find them should they become lost. The insole contains global positioning satellite (GPS) technology and has a battery life that lasts 2-3 days to ensure lasting safety between charges.

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