Uptick Newswire Presents:


Uptick Newswire Radio Show Package



After your 1 on 1 with our CEO, Everett Jolly, your can purchase a distribution package which will allow us to distribute and promote your Interview across several media and social outlets. This service will reach out to potential penny stock investors in our network to maximize exposure.


Uptick will distribute your audio to the following:

  • iTunes
  • audioBoom
  • Spreaker
  • Stitcher
  • PodDirectory
  • acast
  • PlayerFM
  • Google FeedBurner


  • Uptick receives thousands of unique visitors daily
  • Facebook with over 250+ various stock boards
  • LinkedIn sent to 500+ connections
  • Twitter feed with over 103K followers


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Let us show you the power we have in the Micro-Cap sector of the Market!

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