Newsroom RSS Information


UPTICK Newswire’s 21st Century Newsrooms come with an embedded RSS Feed that distributes your press releases to hundreds of contacts. These contacts have opted in through our various media partners to syndicate Breaking News from our website. What better way to get an unlimited number of Press Releases to so many major contacts in the industry poised to launch your company into the public eye?

How Does this Work?

First, let’s understand what an RSS Feed is. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It really is as easy as that. RSS is a rather simple form of coding known in the tech world as .xml style formatting. This formatting allows information to be sent and received through cyberspace quickly and easily. If we consider Twitter for a moment, Twitter is entirely comprised of private RSS feeds.

Our RSS feeds work very similarly with our opt-in consumers, but also with our media partners, brokerage houses, and investors to directly deliver your story to people who are in a position to bring your company into public opinion. If they like your story, it will get further distributed and the response is enormous.

Who Does this Go To?

Our feeds are distributed to our network of over 150 different publishers that syndicate our feed over several sources. We partner with these publishers to effectively deliver our articles across the internet.

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