Premier Biomedical, Inc. Accomplishments and Recent News

Premier Biomedical, Inc. Accomplishments and Recent News

For Medical Treatments of Incurable and Hard To Cure Diseases Including Cancer, Muscular Dystrophy, and Neurofibromatosis

El Paso, TX, — (UPTICK Newswire – September 29, 2015) — Premier Biomedical, Inc (PBI) is a publicly traded (OTCQB:BIEI) research-based company that intends to discover and develop medical treatments targeting the treatment of heretofore incurable and/or hard-to-cure diseases.

The Company’s proprietary Sequential Dialysis Technique is a methodology that physically removes the pathophysiologic basis of the disease, eliminating it without dangerous side effects.  We believe this method could be superior to current treatments which counteract symptoms or eliminate the presence of most illnesses, but often are accompanied by catastrophic or even fatal side effects.  Premier’s “Subtractive” therapy is designed to eliminate the etiology agent(s) or modify the pathophysiological changes brought about by certain diseases, thereby reducing risks associated with conventional “Additive” therapy (i.e., adding chemicals to the body).  The initial disease target is breast cancer, however, we believe this same methodology can also be applied in the future to treating other forms of cancer, Leukemia, Muscular Dystrophy, Cockayne Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Fibromyalgia, and Atherosclerosis.  Collectively, these diseases represent over $700 billion in annual treatment costs today.  This is a tremendous market opportunity for Premier’s methodology, and, many of these diseases can be orphan drug designated (regulatory fast track).


Premier has developed a proprietary patented drug candidate, Feldetrex™.  Based on our initial studies, we found Feldextrex™ to be another promising option for the comprehensive management of muscular and neuropathic pain, as well as chemical addiction.  This unique drug combination is expected to deliver significant relief to patients, while presenting fewer, if any, side effects than alternate medications currently available.  The annual market size for all proposed market segments for Feldetrex™ is over $20 Billion.  The company strategy is to use the sales of Feldetrex™ to provide short term revenue and to fund our continuing technology development efforts.


A recent study conducted by the Penn Biomedical Group (PBG) analyzed the potential market for Feldetrex™ versus entrenched competition, Lyrica®, Cymbalta® and Sevella®, whose combined sales exceed $1.7B currently.  Assuming a very conservative market penetration of 10%, the study concluded that Feldetrex™ annual sales could top $220 Million for the fibromyalgia market segment alone.

Some time ago, the Company established two outstanding research partnerships – one with with the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) and the other with the Department of Defense.  Premier has been able to leverage the substantial infrastructure and resourced capacity of these organizations to perform experimentation and to engage in product development in an inexpensive and efficient manner.  Employing a novel method for cancer treatment, our experiments to date have demonstrated very encouraging results on various stages of breast cancer.  One such instance is the superior results to date in animal testing of proprietary immunotherapy cancer antibody treatments targeting cancer antigens CTLA-4, PD-1, and BTLA protein activities.

UTEP contractually owns 10% of PBI profits associated with the sales of products and treatments which result from their direct participation in Premier’s directed research programs.

The DoD contractually can receive medications at PBI cost.

A second Penn Biomedical Group (PBG) study examined anti-cancer drug potential sales.  The study concluded that the anti-CTLA-4 antibody could generate potential annual revenues of $1.9 Billion.

However, long term success is not possible if the short term isn’t managed properly.  In order to establish short term revenue to finance on-going research, the Company has initiated efforts to establish Joint Ventures with established pharmaceutical firms in South America & Asia to develop, manufacture and distribute Premier Biomedical’s treatments and drugs.  Press releases announcing these joint ventures will be issued shortly.

Why South America?  An outside healthcare market advisor in Brazil forecasted potential sales of PBI products in South America of $400M per year by 2020.  Coupled with the cost effectiveness for clinical trials, manufacture and distribution in Brazil, this represents a very attractive profit potential.

PBI is also exploring alternate sources of funding, namely grants.  In conjunction with UTEP, the company is in the process of contracting a post-doctoral candidate to prepare and submit grant requests in support of our combined research and development.

Premier has worked hard to develop and put in place a strong management team and advisors with extensive experience and contacts in the medical/pharmaceutical fields as well as a demonstrated track record of launching new business ventures in a competitive environment.  Together with our technology and developments to date, we are in a strong position for the future.

For more information please contact:

William A. Hartman
President and CEO
Premier Biomedical Inc
P. O. Box 25
Jackson Center, PA 16133
(814) 786-8849

Premier Biomedical Inc. is a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets: (OTCQB:BIEI)

Safe Harbor Notice

Certain statements contained herein are “forward-looking statements” (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995).  Premier Biomedical, Inc. cautions that statements, and assumptions made in this news release constitute forward-looking statements and makes no guarantee of future performance.  Forward-looking statements are based on estimates and opinions of management at the time statements are made.  These statements may address issues that involve significant risks, uncertainties, estimates made by management.  Actual results could differ materially from current projections or implied results. Premier Biomedical, Inc. undertakes no obligation to revise these statements following the date of this news release.

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