ISGP and the Maca Root Market Explosion

Phoenix, AZ – (UPTICK Newswire – Oct. 21, 2015) – Hump day is here again, and with the search for growing companies to bring to Uptick readers. That said, take a look at this one, International Sustainability Group, Inc (OCT Pink: ISGP). Today they announced the development of a maca root energy bar for China and Japanese markets. Until today I had never heard of the product, which is in huge demand throughout those markets. The root comes from Peru. Per a “Wall Street Journal article, China Buyers Go Crazy for Peru’s Maca Root, December 3rd 2014.”Through September, the value of legal maca exports to China rose to $6 million, compared with $540,000 for all of 2013, according to Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.”

Another article from The Wall Street Journal, “The Latest Superfood? Peru’s Maca Root,” gives an overview of the root, the market and challenges posed by smugglers. Maca is believed to give a burst of energy and provide natural Viagra like benefits. The demand from Chinese buyers has been so high that the price for the root went up by a tenfold, and more in some cases. There is an estimate that 4.4 million pounds of maca was smuggled out of Peru in 2014.

With the tremendous demand it is no wonder that ISGP is making a strategic move into the maca root market, giving the potential of long term profits. In addition, ISGP is open about where there maca product comes from, “ISGP’s Maca is grown on small farms in Peru, dried, ground up and brought to our processing plant in Peru. “The MacaUpTM energy bars are being produced by our Peru group Productos Naturales Govinda S.A.C. (PNG) in Peru and will be shipped to our distribution center in China, said Frank Rhodes, the Chief Executive Officer of International Sustainability Group, Inc.”

ISGP’s  product is called MacaUP™, which appears to fit in perfectly with ISGP’s health division: “ISG Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Sustainability Group, develops and distributes innovative sports medicine devices and algae-based nutritional products to the health and wellness market, and owns technology that helps consumers manage joint pain, improve mobility and increase strength.”

Uptick staff will be watching ISGP’s growth in the Asia market with MacaUP™. The trend and demand look highly promising and should net investors a healthy return.

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