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Phoenix, AZ – (UPTICK Newswire – September 3, 2015) – Uptick is always on the lookout for new companies to present to our readers. Sometime ago we came across Integrated Freight Corp, (OTC PINK: IFCR). Our first look showed us the company’s turnaround strategies, starting in last 2012, after experiencing the following deficits: “substantial debt, huge losses, no cash, and several contentious legal issues.” Management went forward from that point, settling and restructuring debt by a nearly 50% reduction and closing two subsidiaries. Following these actions the company “posted its first ever net income and positive cash flow from operations” beginning in 2013. Based and such information, it is clear that Integrated management has been committed to sustained company growth while tackling the challenges of the ever-changing transportation landscape.

Integrated CEO, David Fuselier stated in a recent press release “We believe that the current truckload industry environment is substantially improving since the recession and that IFCR is well-positioned to take advantage. According to industry publications, June was clearly the best month of 2015 in terms of rising cargo demand, prices and margins. Although labor prices have risen sharply for the general truckload sector, this added cost for truckers has been offset by much lower fuel expense through most of 2015 relative to the previous four years’ fuel prices. As a result, we know the stage is set for the truckload sector to perform extremely well over the foreseeable future.”

Driving that point home, Mr. Fuselier went on to state that “Management again reiterated its anticipated FY2015 revenues of at least $24,000,000, a nearly 19% increase over the prior period, with positive EBITDA and increasing net equity.” With yearend closing in fast, we at Uptick are interested to see where Integrated ends up. Indicators are strong that they will indeed reach their anticipated revenues. News from the company this week noted that they are also experiencing higher than industry average driver retention and a “nearly 20% increase in its driver capacity base since its last fiscal year end.” Such rates add to potential investor confidence, because according to the “Journal of Commerce and The American Trucking Associations, trucking demand is expected to grow nearly 29% over the next eleven years.” Clearly, drivers are the backbone of Integrated, with such growth expectations in the truckload industry, we like that the company takes such keen interest in retention of their drivers, which in turn adds to the bottom line and increases revenue potential.

Overall Integrated looks promising going into yearend making for a strong pick.

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Integrated Freight Corporation

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Integrated Freight Corporation


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