The Go Eco Group Executes Contract to Acquire Integro Health Systems, LLC.

The Go Eco Group Executes Contract to Acquire Integro Health Systems, LLC.

SOUTHAMPTON, NJ., (Uptick Newswire – August 30, 2017) – The Go Eco Group (OTC PINK: LIBE) is pleased to announce it has finalized a contract to acquire Integro Health Systems, LLC. Financial statements will be available once the auditing process has been completed.

Integro Health Systems offers unique solutions for managing America’s growing behavioral health crisis, currently afflicting about 1 in 4 Americans. Integro provides care to treat conditions ranging from anxiety disorders to major depression, PTSD to alcohol use, opioid abuse, and more. The Go Eco Group has acquired its 38,000 square-foot multiplex facility, and 50% ownership in a 15,000 square-foot facility, both in Phoenix, Arizona. In total, Integro will feature 150 beds, a Behavioral Health Urgent Care Medical Emergency Room, Inpatient Care Unit with detox and recovery units, and Intensive Outpatient Care Program.

Founded in 2016 by Marco V. Canulla, M.D., F.A.C.S., Integro opens its doors in October 2017, offering comprehensive care for men and women in crisis. “Now, we offer behavioral health patients an integrated medical approach to care in an integrated health system,” said Dr. Canulla, Integro Chairman. These patients will be treated as a priority by our team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, behavioral techs, and therapists, all working as one with the safety, speed, and convenience of one location.”

“This acquisition by The Go Eco Group is an important financial step for Integro,” said Greg Anderson, Integro CEO/CFO. “It positions us to reach our strategic goals of establishing multiple integrated behavioral health facilities across Arizona, and in other target states, too.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for The Go Eco Group to step outside the energy industry to acquire a cutting-edge company targeting such a large population in need,” said Brian Conway, CEO. “Financially for our shareholders, it’s rewarding because Integro stabilizes patients in their time of crisis, then continues to serve them, and keep them stable through all-important, long-term continued care.”

The White House plans to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency. Given the opioid epidemic is only one piece of the behavioral health crisis, one can easily see the growing need for the care Integro provides.


About The Go Eco Group
The Group is a diversified energy services holding company. It delivers conventional and non-conventional energy solutions throughout North America. The Go Eco Group is an energy products and services company for its customers, reducing the everyday cost of energy to its clients. For shareholders, Go Eco acquires and operates a diverse array of energy products and service companies with proven revenues and operations. Its mission is to be the best small cap energy services company of its kind in North America.

About Integro Health Systems, LLC
Integro offers a unique, new integrated approach for serving the growing population of patients with behavioral health crises. Integro delivers priority, comprehensive care for these patients with a proven team led by medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other specialists. Services include Urgent Care, Inpatient Care, Detoxification, and Intensive Outpatient Care.

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