Get Real USA, Inc. Exceeds $90,000 in Sales for the Month of September UP 80%

Get Real USA, Inc. Exceeds $90,000 in Sales for the Month of September UP 80%

La Jolla, California (UPTICK Newswire – October 5th 2015) – Get Real USA, Inc. [OTCPink: GTRL] reports sales in excess of $90,000 for the month of September.  Since this release is not the official filing with OTC Markets the actual numbers may vary between this release and the OTC Markets filing at the end of the quarter.

This sales amount of $90,000 represents 80% increase from August to September. This follows a sales increase from July of $12,000 to sales of $52,000 in August.  In short Get Real USA, Inc. has increased sales from July to September by 650%!

The Company sales rating remains  100% positive and the Company has, to date received over 200  customer ratings the majority of which are 5 Star. This is critical to our listing page placement on Amazon. Get Real USA, Inc. commenced sales in mid-June and results were approximately $1,000.  Once the Company became a prime seller, sales for the month of July were approximately $12,000.  And as previously stated sales for August and September were $52,000 and $90,000 respectively.

Thomas Beener, CEO, stated “I am very excited about the progress of our sales and the growth rate we are experiencing is world class.”  “It is my strong opinion GTRL will continue its rapid growth in subsequent months.”  I encourage investors to remain confident in our high speed progress. And I am confident that once the marketplace takes notice of our performance the stock price will adjust accordingly.”

Although the success to date of Get Real USA, Inc. has been spectacular, it must be emphasized that the marketplace is competitive and new sellers are entering the market on a regular basis. Get Real USA, Inc. is positioned to grow rapidly but must always continue to work hard to generate positive results for its shareholders due to competition and market changes. Get Real USA, Inc.  is creating and maintaining a professional image and building a successful relationship with Amazon, suppliers and customers.

Get Real USA, Inc. continues to provide positive updates to the shareholders as it strives to maintain not only a high standard of professionalism, but also a level of transparency that is unmatched by other micro-cap companies.  As always GTRL thanks everyone for their continued support as the company moves forward in this period of development and tremendous growth.


Get Real USA, Inc. is a publicly traded company trading under the ticker symbol GTRL. The Company’s main business focus is owning and operating online retail websites dealing primarily in the selling of electronic goods.  These online retailers buy their inventory direct from liquidators all over the world and resell them via the internet. Due to the fact there is a large gap between prices for goods sold by liquidators and the resale price to the general public; the Company can realize a profit on every sale made via the internet. Get Real USA, Inc. utilizes the services of various third party operators who have proven results in this industry. These operators assist in identifying liquidators, evaluating product, and recommending products to the Company for resale. The Company maintains a call center to field customer calls, arrange for shipping of product and serving as billing and/or collection notices In exchange for the services provided by the various third party operators, the Company shares a percentage of the revenue in lieu of upfront payment. This relationship benefits the Company and shareholders dramatically because it keeps fixed costs at a minimum and allows for a quicker rate of revenue growth. Although the Company’s current focus is on electronic goods, the Company will expand its selling effort into other industries with new products.  Almost all sales are made on where the Company is prime seller and has a 5 star rating.

Disclosure Statement:

Any statements that we make, other than historical facts, contain forward-looking information based on our business plans and assumptions at the time of disclosure. Such forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to, our expected growth strategies, projected operating results, anticipated timing for developing, obtaining approval for and bringing products to market and the status of R&D. Our business, as well as each product we develop and market, is subject to various risks and uncertainties beyond our control. Therefore, these forward-looking statements might differ substantially from the actual results. Risks and uncertainties that could affect the Company’s future results and financial condition include, but are not limited to, the factors described below. Information disclosed is subject to addition, change or deletion without notice.

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