Ev’s Corner: Form 8-K and Why It Matters

Ev’s Corner: Form 8-K and Why It Matters

Phoenix, Arizona. [Uptick Newswire August 9, 2016] – When you are a publicly traded company and something other than the norm happens, you need to file a Form 8-K.

What is an 8-K?

An 8-K is an official document that notes any changes within a company, such as a management change, a financial arrangement, a new product, and/or a debt and stock restructure. Whatever the change is, you, the company, have four days from the day of the event to file an 8-K with the SEC.

So, why does it matter?

Form 8-K provides accurate and up-to-date information so that investors, shareholders, and stakeholders are always informed on a company’s activities. Late or no-filings not only keep investors in the dark, but also reflect the company’s operation as a whole.

If you truly want to make money with penny stocks, it’s important to set aside time to sift through 8-K’s. Sometimes you’ll find good information and sometimes you’ll find bad information, but information is exactly what you need to make a sound decision.

You can find Form 8-K’s on otcmarkets.com and/or sec.gov. But you can only find Ev’s Corner here:

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