Daily Picks for 10/31/16

Daily Picks for 10/31/16

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BDIC: Blow and Drive Interlock, Corp.

BDIC Issues Shareholder Update Letter

Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to announce that as of today we have completed production of all 500 of our BDI 747 Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock devices and we have deployed approximately 300 of the 500 under lease in just over one-week. Even more exciting, based on our current sales data, the company anticipates, that this remaining 200 units will be deployed and under lease within the next 10-14 days. Adding these 500 reoccurring revenue-generating interlocks will more than double BDIC’s monthly reoccurring revenue practically overnight.  I would personally like to thank the Doheny Group for making this goal possible by providing us with the necessary capital for explosive growth.

This leads me to want to address some confusion on social media that has been brought to my attention, in regards to the financing arrangement with the Doheny Group. To be abundantly clear, there are absolutely no convertibility provisions relating to our outstanding loan, stock purchase agreement and/or royalty agreement with the Doheny Group.  Under no circumstances, even in the unlikely event of default, are there any convertibility provisions in any of our agreements with the Doheny Group. There are also no additional warrants or options of any kind. The Doheny Group received restricted stock in the amount of 4.99% of our outstanding shares and will receive an additional one-time issuance of restricted stock in the amount of 5% (for a total of 9.99% of BDIC’s restricted outstanding shares) at the closing of our second tranche of financing.


KEEKF: Keek Inc.

Warner Bros. Records to Utilize the Peeks Platform

Keek (TSX VENTURE: KEK) (OTCQB: KEEKF) today announced that Warner Bros. Records will be utilizing the Peeks platform to showcase emerging artists. As part of the collaboration, featured emerging artists will be prominently positioned within the Peeks service, allowing users to have exclusive opportunities to interact directly with their favourite rising stars.

“We are excited to be showcasing new and emerging artists from Warner Bros. Records and believe the Peeks livestreaming platform combined with our schedule of original programming, which will include performances from emerging artists such as Dylan Gardner, can drive both awareness and a new fan base for both these artists and the Peeks platform,” said Mark Itwaru, CEO of Keek.



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