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GIGL: Giggles N’ Hugs Inc.



Market Cap: $369,781

Outstanding Shares: 61,630,205

Float: 10,138,903


Notes from the Editor: Giggles N’ Hugs is the first and only restaurant that brings together high-end, organic food with active, cutting-edge play and entertainment for children. Every Giggles N’ Hugs location offers an upscale, family-friendly atmosphere with a dedicated play area that children 10 and younger absolutely love. We allow Parents to be able to eat and relax while the kids have the time of their life.

Recent News:

Giggles N’ Hugs, Inc. (OTCQB: GIGL), owner and operator of family-friendly restaurants that bring together high-end organic food with cutting-edge play and entertainment for children, announces it has elevated its marketing and public relations (PR) strategies with the engagement of Kiddos, Inc. and Michelle Steinberg of dOMAIN Integrated, one of the top agencies for entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle in PR, licensing, merchandising and corporate branding.

As one of the top PR professionals and a highly sought-after marketing executive and influencer, Steinberg has an impressive history of successfully assisting numerous A-list celebrities and major corporate brands with product launches and various other ventures. Her experience includes launching several renowned restaurant brands, including TAO restaurants,  the Palazzo Hotel, House of Blues and Planet Hollywood and All Star Cafe, among many others where she was responsible for all PR and marketing strategies. She also introduced these brands to some of the biggest A list talent in Hollywood, many of whome becoming investors in the concepts.

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