Daily Pick for 1/12/17

Daily Pick for 1/12/17

BioLife Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLFS)


Market Cap: $23.05M

Outstanding Shares: 12.88M

Float: 6.32M

Analysis:  BioLife Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLFS) announced a 28% growth in revenue for FY 2016. Their Q4 revenue from their biopreservation media product reached a new high of $2.2 million.

Recent News:

BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS), a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical grade cell and tissue hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media (“BioLife”), today announced preliminary 2016 revenue of $8.2 million, representing 28% growth in sales of biopreservation media products compared to the prior year. Continue Reading

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