The Guitammer Company (OTCQB: GTMM)


Market Cap: $4.55M

Outstanding Shares: 83.34M

Float: 60.8M

Analysis:  The Guitammer Company (OTCQB:GTMM) develops Buttkicker seats that react to special effects in films. Having their product in over 57 auditoriums is a huge accomplishment for the company, and they’re expecting to install in 5 more auditoriums by the end of January.

Recent News:

The Guitammer Company (OTCQB : GTMM) announced today that it added over 11,300 new ButtKicker® equipped cinema seats for 57 new auditoriums in 2016, a 475% increase from 2015. Worldwide there are now more than 20,000 ButtKicker enabled seats in over 105 cinema auditoriums.. Continue Reading

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