“CEO Money” On IHeart Radio 1190 AM Dallas / Fort Worth Thursday B2B & B2C Show Roster Hosted by:  Michael Yorba & Mervyn Price

“CEO Money” On IHeart Radio 1190 AM Dallas / Fort Worth Thursday B2B & B2C Show Roster Hosted by: Michael Yorba & Mervyn Price

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Ali Katz, coach, motivational speaker and author

Author, coach, and speaker Ali Katz wants to share her methods and techniques on how to go from being a hot mess to a mindful mom with the world.

Ali teaches a variety of topics such as parenting skills, time organization, and how to “say goodbye to chaos and hello to balance and calm.” She also instructs others on meditation and how to deal with stress in person, by phone or video Zoom: “I work with moms of school age children on self-care, healthy boundaries, mindful parenting, and meditation as they often go hand in hand. I help moms (and even dads!) set up systems in their home THAT WORK, and allow for better communication and more joy in the home”-Ali Katz.

Along with teaching a variety of courses, and running her website, Ali Katz is a published author. She is the author of two books: Hot Mess to Mindful Moms and Get the Most Out of Motherhood. After applying certain tools she developed for others first to herself, she wants to help other moms and other women make the same transformation in their lives.

For more, go to www.hotmesstomindfulmom.com

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CEO Felicia Pizzonia of wirepublishing.com

Felicia helps authors publish and market their books. With years of experience in both business and sales, she is dedicated in furthering the careers of her authors and marketing their creative endeavors.  A partner at Ultimate Publishing House, Felicia saw the need to offer comprehensive author services that could provide access to the international market while maintaining an honest and satisfying relationships with her authors. “As a published author, you receive instant credibility, visibility, distinction and position yourself as a brand of your choice in your field-Felicia Pizzonia.

Felicia Pizzonia has spent over fifteen years in international sales, publishing, and marketing. As an entrepreneur, Felicia has helped companies generate millions in revenue. She has worked as a publisher and a marketing specialist and has had authors featured in or appear for media outlets such as the BBC, Good Morning America, Times of London, and the New York Times. She is also the author of several books including Babes in Business Suits and Delicious Words, the Power of the Spoken Word & Sales Psychology.   

For more, go to www.wirepublishing.com

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Karen Rands Founder and CEO

Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC is a leading strategic advisory and investor relations firm helping entrepreneurs prepare for and obtain early stage and growth capital. Its Access to Capital System™ has proven to be an effective system for entrepreneurs to connect with early stage venture capital and small business investors.  Further, its Inside Secrets to Angel Investing educational resource is the catalyst for the growing Compassionate Capitalist Movement. “We pride ourselves on embracing one’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision, while also being very frank in the prospect for success in getting capital and launching and growing the business to achieve the founder’s dream.”

CEO Karen Rands is a nationally recognized expert on Angel Investing, Compassionate Capitalism, and Entrepreneur Growth. She is also the author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing: Step-by-Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation. 

For more, go to www.karenrands.com

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