“CEO Money” On IHeart Radio 1190 AM Dallas / Fort Worth  Monday’s Information Technologies (Tech Buzz) Show  Roster Hosted by  Michael Yorba & Mervyn Price

“CEO Money” On IHeart Radio 1190 AM Dallas / Fort Worth Monday’s Information Technologies (Tech Buzz) Show Roster Hosted by Michael Yorba & Mervyn Price

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Monday: August 21, 2017

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Ms. Ashley Cook, President/CEO of Zoccam

With its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas, Zoccam has been a vital time-saver in the real estate industry by allowing agents to send Earnest Money securely into the escrow accounts of title companies. With its “Drives Successnot Checks motto, Zoccam is a smartphone application that utilizes remote deposit capture technology.  Zoccam further eliminates risks of potential fraud for the buyer, seller, agent and broker by offering secure measures and multi-factor authentication.

President/CEO of Zoccam, Ashley Cook gained much insight while representing insurance companies and real estate brokers as a lawyer.  It was during those times that she began to ask herself “why are we having agents drive earnest money checks, which are time-sensitive, to title companies?”  The answer to such questions came in the development and founding of Zoccam. Today, Zoccam continues to be an industry game changer, saving one of life’s most precious commodities: time.  For more go to www.zoccam.com

Seg. 3-4

Ms. Jana Rankin, CEO/co-founder of VuTeur

VuTeur offers a coordinated management communication network to address a wide variety of emergency situations, security threats, and safety issues. With the use of Real -Time Location System (RTLS) technology, VeTeur is the market’s first Emergency Management and Asset Protection Solution. VuTeur continues to be an industry leader by employing cutting-edge proprietary technology such as IRIS (Internal Real-time Intelligence Software), 2-way communication with individuals during an incident or event, and analytics in coordination with existing physical security systems.

Based out in Austin, Texas, VuTeur continues to offer optimal safety and security solutions to personnel, enterprises and organizations in entities such as transportation, healthcare, and government while maintaining its core principle of putting “safety first and your mind at ease.”

With over 25 years of leadership experience, CEO and co-founder Jana Rankin will join the WFN1’s Monday’s Tech Buzz lineup. ” For more, go to www.vuteur.com

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