BLDV and Cann10 North America Discuss Merging Operations Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. would become SEC Reporting and Expand Governance

BLDV and Cann10 North America Discuss Merging Operations Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. would become SEC Reporting and Expand Governance

April 20th, 2018 – Blue Diamond Ventures Inc, (OTC PK: BLDV) Chicago, IL. Cann10 North America Holdings LTD. and Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. consider the benefits of a Merger. Cann10 North America and BLDV revealed today that part of the initial share purchase agreement, signed in December, includes a path to merge the companies into a single stronger entity. The potential deal would be one of the first mergers into an operating OTC PK company in the cannabis industry and although the “Triple Package” of Foreign ownership, Non-Reporting Pink Sheet, and Marijuana make for a bit of complication, the Biotech access that comes with Cann10 make it worth the effort.

“One year ago, today, we announced our entrance to the Cannabis Space with a Strategic Partnership with AMS” says Josh Alper, BLDV CEO. “Today our partnership with Cann10 allows us to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to AMS and other companies through the Cann10 Alliance. The Alliance will deliver Israeli Cannabis Technology and Innovation from Israel to North America, the partnership with AMS has remained central to this process and when the export from Israel opens up, we will deliver on the original promise to combine forces with AMS as well.”.
A new product line “Cannareet” was released this week in Israel by Cann10, these formulations were created in the Cann10 Labs and represent the latest combination of GMP manufacturing and strict Israeli approvals that will be made available to the Global Market.

About BLDV:

Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. is a diversified customer centric Management / Holding Company; Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. seeks opportunities in medical cannabis markets and is driven by critical thinking, the scientific method and compassionate ways to deliver sustainable results.

About Cann10:
Cann10 is one of the Leading Medical Cannabis Groups in Israel. They create and produce highly recognized Professional Cannabis Education Programs, including the CannX Medical Conferences in Israel, and the Cann10 XL a focused accelerator, offering selected entrepreneurs the advantages of high quality infrastructures, facilities, team, network, know-how and professional mentoring, tailored to support successful development, fund raising and commercialization of new technologies in this emerging field. A collaboration between a leading Israeli authorized medical cannabis farm, and a leading Israeli holding and services group, Cann10 combines the respective expertise in the fields of medical cannabis and commercialization of medical devices and drugs, to support the introduction of new high value related products.

Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. / Cann10 North America
535 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3001, Chicago, Illinois, 60611
Joshua B. Alper Chief Executive Officer BLDV – Managing Director of Cann10 NA
(844) 637-6377

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