Big Gains Today From NanoTech

Phoenix, AZ – (UPTICK Newswire – Oct. 23, 2015) – Another week of trading has come to a close, and with that comes today’s pick: NTEK, NanoTEch Entertainment Inc. NTEK made a splash today with volume at close of 39,925,041, following a news release outlining a licensing agreement with the San Francisco 49ers, offered on their UltraFlix platform with 4K, Ultra HD. There has been strong predictions made regarding the 4K TV markets, Strategy Analytics noted a bullish outlook stating, “nearly half of U.S. homes will own an Ultra HD set by 2020.

NTEK indicated, “UltraHD, 4K TV is poised for strong growth in the coming years” according to US technology body, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Organizers of the Consumer Electronics show, predicted in its latest forecast that US shipments of 4K UHD displays will reach 4.4 million units in 2015, a 208% increase compared to 2014. Global UHD TV shipments will increase to 67M units by 2017 and 100M units by 2018 according to Digital Research. NA is estimated to grow from 12% of total Global Sales to ~ 21% by 2017, or 14M units.”

Additionally, Futuresource Consulting released a recent report noting, “4K shipments are expected to grow by 147% in 2015, despite overall 2% fall in TV sales.” Based on such information, NTEK Is in an excellent position to capitalize on 4K sales with their UltraFlix platform that provides 4K Ultra HD content on a streaming subscriber based network. NTEK indicates that UltraFlix is a preferred Smart TV app for manufacturers such as HiSense, Samsung, Sony, Vizio and others.

There is also the matter of NTEK’s quarterly revenue gains. March 2015 came in at $2.6 million, whereas June 2015 increased to $3.6 million. Overall, based on the 4K, Ultra HD market that NTEK is already strategically benefiting from, coupled with their reported revenues, they are a strong pick, certainly worth watching over the coming months.

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